Palenville, NY


BECAUSE OF THE LARGE QUANTITY OF IMAGES AT THESE PAGES: The viewer might consider using the \'GALLERY\' FUNCTION (below left just above above the images) to sample the artwork here. Each gallery will have a description soon and as the tdpArts Gallery moves forward more lengthy writings will be placed on the images and the catagories/galleries will be expanded.The content (content being images, artists statements and writings) of this gallery is copyright Terrance DePietro, All rights expressly reserved and, as such, is protected by US and International Copyright laws.

This new gallery is a work in progress. It is hoped that it will become more than a place for people to view North American artwork but where they might get an added historical appreciation for creative activity. As time goes forward more in depth descriptions will be added to each of the images here. Sometimes the descriptions will by of a personal nature and at other times they will be reference material to classical or historical motifs. Part of this new project can be experience in short writings that will display on the individual image pages (but that is a long process so please be patient). The first of these writing series are titled: \'Intimacies of Nature and Enchanting Palenville\' - these are excerpts from Terrance DePietro\'s writing\'s on the experience of Palenville, New York and its significance as America\'s First Artist Colony, in Greene County, New York.

AT THIS TIME (DEC 2009) THREE ARTISTS ARE BEING FEATURED: But more are coming! Each will have a unique creative style and each will display a variety of different mediums, Presently works are posted for: Terrance DePietro, decades old artist working in many mediums and posting at this time mainly photography other works by this artist can be viewed at his personal page here at FAA.The second artist is emerging, Zackary Jones, posting photography to start the experience here at FAA; and followed by Kim DePietro native to Palenville NY working the Northeast into Canada.

BOOKMARK AND RE-VISIT THIS GALLERY: as more artists are being invited to join the experience! Most, if not all, works are offered as PRINTS and GREETING CARDS. And it is hoped that calendars will one day be offered in a unique fashion: as \'customizable\' having the choice of any image from these galleries and to be \'personalized\' as a perfect gift...



Markers along the Journey of Terrance De Pietro

Artworks by DePietro

Odd Misc Details and Curiosities

Black and White

Nicole Lemelin

Kim DePietro from detail to stitchery

Discovering by Zackary Jones

Days and Nights of Ricky Stone


Time Old Motifs from Palenville and Its Surroundings

Panorama photographs of Palenville and the Catskill Mountain Escarpment

How Did He Get Here Gallery

Writing and Archive Porthole